Barbara R. Kirwin, Ph. D.

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Upcoming Interviews

Dr. Kirwin will be appearing in an upcoming episode of The Perfect Murder (produced by Kaufman Films) on the Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel. Premiering this spring, “The Curious Case of the Persian Violet” (Air Date: TBA), focuses on the true story of the murder of Ph.D. student Jarrod Davidson who was gunned down in front of his home while retrieving the plant that was mysteriously left for him. The masterminds behind the ambush: Davidson’s in-laws, who believed he was molesting their granddaughter, Malia.

On the program, Dr. Kirwin offers commentary on the shocking 2004 case, providing insight into what drives two seemingly normal grandparents to commit murder.

Other interviews to watch out for this spring (Air Dates: TBA):

First Kill: David Berkowitz “Son of Sam” - produced by AMS Pictures for the Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel. Dr. Kirwin will be speaking about the psychology of Berkowitz’ twisted mind and recount the terror that gripped New York City – which she herself experienced as a teenager – in the summer of 1977.

Joel Rifkin: Long Island Serial Killer – produced by the UK company, Sky Vision, for A&E. As the sole expert witness for the defense, Dr. Kirwin spent 56 hours interviewing Rifkin and completing a psychological profile. This is Dr. Kirwin’s first public discussion of this high-profile 1995 case.


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