Forensic Psychological Services

Upcoming Interviews

Dr. Kirwin will be a featured speaker at the New York State NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Conference in Albany November 13-15th.  She will be addressing the issue of the effects of the widespread use of solitary confinement on mentally ill inmates in the correctional system.


Dr. Kirwin gives a shout-out to Starz new drama program Power which premiers Saturday June 6.  Curtis Jackson -50 Cent is the creative force behind this gritty morality tale of American greed and lust for fame and power in the perilous ascent from the “hood” to the highest levels of society.  Great writing and a A-list cast present a penetrating inside-look into the world of the hustler.


In May, Dr. Kirwin launched her new series of community service lectures with Type A People in a Type A World:  The Effect of Overreaction on Society and Your Self  at the Commack YJCC.  She departs from her usual focus on psychopathology, crime, and the legal system to explore the antecedents of violent, anti-social behavior that are often ignored because they are so endemic to our stressful daily lives.  The purpose behind these lectures is to educate and inform the public at large so that many of these shocking, headlining-grabbing crimes can be prevented before it’s too late.


When Virtual Reality becomes Criminal Reality -the next lecture in the series is a two-part program –Part 1 for Parents and Educators and Part 2 for teens regarding responsible use of the internet and social media.  Dr. Kirwin’s experience with recent high-profile Federal cases involving  teens and young adults who have received sentences as long as 15 years for abuse of facebook and e-mail, has prompted her to address the serious public lack of awareness of the dangers and legal implications of internet abuse.

During May, Dr. Kirwin has filmed two interviews with Pioneer Productions, a UK based production company, which will air on Investigative Discovery channel (ID) in the fall.