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"Evil, I" on Investigation Discovery

Jul 20, 2012

id-logo.pngDr. Barbara Kirwin was recently featured on Investigation Discovery’s new series, “Evil, I”.

“Evil, I” recounts gruesome murders as told through the voice of the killers, delving into their troubling minds while recalling the homicide investigations that ultimately put the serial murderers behind bars.

Each episode of “EVIL, I” presents a well-defined voice of the killer, matching his/her vocal characteristics as heard in court recordings, interviews, and other audio samples.

On July 20th’s episode, Dr. Kirwin analyzed the fragmented psyche of serial poisoner, Audrey Marie Hilley. Was Hilley an arch psychopath or was she a deranged victim of multiple personality disorder when she poisoned her husband, attempted to poison her own daughter and faked her own death? Dr. Kirwin shared her longtime expertise in separating the mad from the bad. Check local listings for repeat airings of the program.

Wicked Attraction

Dr. Kirwin just filmed a segment for the true crime series “Wicked Attraction” set to air in the spring.

Dr, Barbara Kirwin with film crew     Dr, Barbara Kirwin - Wicked Attraction


She commented on two high-profile crimes that shocked the nation and offered insight into the psychological motivations that drove these criminals to murder for love:

Sienky Lallemand was a con artist. Handsome and charming, he preyed on women in boring relationships with a need for excitement, giving them a taste of the good life – both physically and materialistically.

But one affair went too far: Lisa Toney, wife of Marcus Toney – an every day Chicago guy who worked as a janitor at City Colleges. Not only would she encourage Lallemand to steal her husband’s identity – and his money – she convinced him to murder the man.

Marcus received a package addressed to him in Marshall Field’s gift wrap. He took the box to a Chicago police station as evidence of the credit card identity theft. An officer helped Marcus file a report but returned the box to him with the advice of taking up the situation with the credit bureau.

Marcus was planning to do just that. But it would be too late.

On February 15, 2000, Marcus opened the package at the urging of his best friend and a harassing voice mail message. It was a pipe bomb. Within seconds, Marcus was dead with shrapnel to the heart. His heart was truly broken.

Charles Jordan and Chrystal Soto were lovers who – along with Soto’s stepbrother -killed Soto’s grandparents, James and Ullaine Christmas, in Bowie, Texas in 2001 following an alleged fight about drug use on the couple’s property.

Jordan confessed to shooting James in the chest and striking Ullaine with the gun. Soto and her stepbrother helped bury the bodies.

Jordan and Soto ultimately staged a jailbreak with two other convicted murderers and were on the FBI’s most wanted list until they were finally captured after a hostage stand-off at a gas station convenience store.

Jordan received two life sentences for his crime; Soto is doing two ten-year sentences and one seven-year sentence for the prison break – all to run consecutively.

Hear Dr. Kirwin’s fascinating analysis of these two cases when “Wicked Attraction” airs this spring. Watch this space for scheduled date and time.

Love Kills

Orginally aired on January 21st,  Will air again ...(air date TBA).

Scorned: Love Kills sets records for Saturday night viewing in all key demographics.

Dr. Kirwin was featured in the January 21st episode which focuses on crimes of passion and what sparks these fascinating and tragic incidents.

Read more:


Additional TV Appearances

Dr. Kirwin was an analyst with Court TV for over 15 years appearing with Nancy Grace and Bloom & Politan in live coverage of sensational trials such as the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case, the Menendez Brothers murder trial, as well as the Laci Petersen and Michael Jackson trials.

She was a regular guest on The Montel Williams Show covering serious topics such as neonaticide, violent children, husbands who murdered their wives and sexual molestation.

Dr. Kirwin is a regular analyst for Fox News, providing expert commentary on high-profile cases including Casey Anthony, Jon Benet Ramsey, the DC Sniper and Andrea Yates.

She has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC discussing the Unabomber trial, Oklahoma City Bombing, the Versace Murder and the Columbine Massacre.


Dr. Kirwin has worked as associate producer on documentaries such as:

  • The Queen of Cons - The Lilly Schmidt Story produced by The Learning Channel and Canadian national TV, based on a case from Dr, Kirwin's book.
  • The Chameleon Killer - The story of Elaine Parent, Interpol's most wanted serial killer; produced by Court TV and BBC 4.
  • Shots in the Dark – A look at crime scene photography; produced by Court TV and @Radical Media, narrated by Harry Evans.
Print Media

Dr. Kirwin has been featured in:

  • Kansas City Star
  • Philadelphia
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine
  • Glamour
  • Cosmopolitan
  • New York Times
  • Newsday
  • Washington Post
  • Boston Globe
  • Philadelphia Enquirer
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Houston Chronicle
  • Asbury Park News
  • Rocky Mountain News
  • Mishpacha

Dr. Kirwin enjoys the talk radio call-in format and has been a guest on:

  • NPR
  • Gil Gross CBS
  • Wall St. Journal Radio
  • CBS Mary Matlin Show
  • G. Gordon Liddy Show
  • Jim Bohannon Show
  • Joan Rivers