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"Evil, I" on Investigation Discovery

Jul 20, 2012

id-logo.pngDr. Barbara Kirwin was recently featured on Investigation Discovery’s new series, “Evil, I”.

“Evil, I” recounts gruesome murders as told through the voice of the killers, delving into their troubling minds while recalling the homicide investigations that ultimately put the serial murderers behind bars.

Each episode of “EVIL, I” presents a well-defined voice of the killer, matching his/her vocal characteristics as heard in court recordings, interviews, and other audio samples.

On July 20th’s episode, Dr. Kirwin analyzed the fragmented psyche of serial poisoner, Audrey Marie Hilley. Was Hilley an arch psychopath or was she a deranged victim of multiple personality disorder when she poisoned her husband, attempted to poison her own daughter and faked her own death? Dr. Kirwin shared her longtime expertise in separating the mad from the bad. Check local listings for repeat airings of the program.