Forensic Psychological Services

Forensic Services

Dr. Kirwin is available to assist directly with your case or to liaise with attorneys and experts retained. To arrange an initial, free phone consultation with Dr. Kirwin, click here.

Among the forensic services she provides are:
  • On-site Psychological Exams – Correctional Centers, Hospitals, Home and Office
  • Psychological Testing: Diagnostic, Neuropsychological, Personality
  • Consultation with Attorneys on the use of Psychological Testimony
  • Literature Review, Searches and Critiques of Psychological Case Material and medical records
  • Preparation of counsel for Cross Examination of Psychological Experts
  • Consultation with Forensic Psychiatrists on Psychological Tests
  • Preparation of Psychological Reports
  • Expert Testimony at hearings, depositions, trial
  • Plea bargain conferences
  • Parole Hearings
  • Pre-sentencing conferencing with Probation Departments
  • Anger Management and Mental Health Diversion Programs
  • Court-mandated Dual Supervision of offenders with Probation/Parole

As a former Narcotic Parole Officer, Dr. Kirwin specializes in maintaining cooperative relationships with Departments of Probation and Parole at the County, State and Federal levels. Dr. Kirwin has been appointed by the State and Federal Courts to supervise defendants with psychological problems, providing individual treatment to them and coordinating with Probation/Parole officers.

Dr. Kirwin is associated with top Defense Attorneys in the New York Metropolitan Area and Long Island and has also been retained by:
  • Federal Prosecutors
  • District Attorneys in the 5 Boroughs of New York City
  • Nassau County, NY District Attorney
  • Suffolk county, NY District Attorney
  • State Attorney, St. John's County, Florida
  • Attorney General, New York State
  • NYS Office of Mental Health
  • NYS Division of Parole
  • NYS Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS)
  • Stony Brook University Employee's Assistance Program
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Employee's Assistance Program
In addition, she has 30 years' experience with cases involving:
  • NGRI –Insanity Defense
  • Federal 5.2K Diminished Capacity defenses
  • CPL 730 Competency to stand trial
  • CPL 330.20 Dangerous Mental illness
  • Huntley Hearings –competency to waive Miranda rights.
  • Daubert Hearings, Frye Hearings –admissability of expert testimony
  • Brady Hearings
  • Dual Supervision Probation/Parole with Substance Abuse and Mental Health conditions
  • ADA discrimination cases
  • EEOC discrimination cases involving the mentally ill or developmentally disabled
  • Disciplinary Hearings for legal, medical, educational licensed professionals
  • Neonaticide
  • Infanticide
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • AOT Hearings (Kendra's Law)